Distinguished Scholar Offers Fascinating Interpretation of New Religious Survey

In a recent Report from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life evidence emerged that Christians in the United States are becoming increasingly open to the possibility of salvation for members of other faiths. This has lead some to speculate that many Christians are taking the teachings of their churches less seriously.  Not so, argues Martin Marty, religion professor and scholar Protestantism.

Marty’s long and distinguished career has made him one of the leading authorities on religious life in the United States, and he interprets the Pew Forum report in an interesting way. “They [Christians] don’t stop believing,” he writes, “but they do stop persecuting or degrading or snubbing. In the depth of the beliefs of most of the religions the main and final theme is “shalom” or “reconciliation” or “peace” or other positives.”  In other words, increased religious tolerance on the part of American Christians does not mean that they have stopped taking their religion seriously.

You can read Marty’s piece in full at Crossleft.org.

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