Resources for Christians and congregations who are liberal and evangelical aims to empower Christians who see themselves as radical moderates and to offer resources to Christian congregations who intend to be both Christ-centered and creatively inclusive. These Christians and congregations have both liberal and evangelical instincts, they find polarized political and religious debates alienating, and they are inspired by Jesus’ own example of radical inclusiveness and by his preaching of a love that transcends ideological and theological divisions.

"Lost in the Middle" Study Guides

Lost in the Middle directly addresses the very large group of moderate Christians, especially in the United States. They typically do not say that they have both liberal and evangelical instincts because of the polarized environment in which being both liberal and evangelical seems impossible. In fact, they are routinely neglected in favor of the noisy extremes. But they are there, both within the churches, and hovering on its margins. Like people with family members on both sides of a civil war, these moderate Christians don’t feel comfortable taking sides, and can’t see how victory by either side could possibly be a good outcome.

By Brandon Daniel-Hughes

Apologetic Patriotism

Every Fourth of July I end up thinking about this topic, knowing full well that lots of Evangelical churches across America are reveling in “Old

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Summer Series 2015

May is my busiest month as I work to put in our 900 square foot garden and finish reading the last stack of term papers,

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Lingering Over Lent

We’ve had quite a winter here in Montreal. My snow-blower has been getting more than its usual workout. So we’ve been looking forward to the

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