Conservative Anglicans Huddle to Develop a Battle Plan

In recent years, fights among the liberal and conservative wings of the World Anglican Communion have made headlines as liberals move ahead with ordaining gay and lesbian clergy. Conservatives have criticized the move as a break with the Bible and with the Anglican tradition but have been unable to stop the more liberal Anglicans, especially in America where Anglicans are knows as the Episcopal Church. As Anglicans from across the globe prepare to gather together next month at their Lambeth Conference, held once every ten years, conservative leaders are meeting to develop a comprehensive strategy for countering the liberal drift of Anglicanism.

The Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) represents conservative and evangelical Anglicans from across the globe, and includes many bishops and priests from Africa as well as their conservative partners in the United States, the UK, and other Commonwealth countries. They are meeting in Jerusalem to discuss their future as Anglicans, and though they say that they have no official or immediate plans to break with their liberal brothers and sisters, they are clearly leaving that option open.

The Lambeth Conference is set to take place July 16 through August 3, and will be hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury in Canterbury.


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