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A Bible “Translation” to Save America

WARNING! DANGER! POISON! Such words should be stamped on the cover of the modern translations of the bible. According to the Conservative Bible Project, modern translations like the NIV are saturated with corrupting liberal bias. These translations are dangerous because they promote a socialist agenda, embrace gender equality, and present Jesus as a political liberal. Furthermore, these modern, liberal translations “improperly” encourage “the ‘social justice’ movement among Christians.” These translations are polluting our churches, our society, and our government.

How can such a threat be confronted? By translating the Bible according to conservative values of course!

The Conservative Bible Project has established ten guiding principles for capturing and translating the “substance” of the Bible more precisely and accurately than either the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) or modern translations have been able to. The source text for the “translation” is the King James Version (KJV), and the translation process is complemented by “the collaborative wiki software” that “improves the final result.”

Sampling a few of these guidelines will illustrate the keenness of this heavenly project.

  • The first principle aims to provide a “Framework against Liberal Bias.” This guideline guarantees that the true content of the biblical message becomes apparent.
  • The second principle re-asserts androcentric terminology by eliminating the use of “‘gender inclusive’ language” that has led to the “emasculation of Christianity.”
  • The seventh principle ensures that “Free Mark Parables” express their full capitalist meaning.
  • The eighth principle aims to “Exclude Later-Inserted Liberal Passages” that have been added to the text in order to lend divine support to the liberal agenda.

Luke 23:34 provides an example of the excision of liberal bias. This passage in the KJV reads as follows: “Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.” The proposed translation for the Conservative Bible reads thus: “They divided his clothes, and gambled for them.” The Project asserts that authenticity of Jesus’ petition of forgiveness is dubious and that it has been introduced and retained by liberals in order to diminish the individual responsibility of those involved in Jesus’ crucifixion. These four principles alongside the remaining six are supposed to stop the spread of the virus that is liberalism.

The Conservative Bible Project believes that their translation can be completed within a year. The translation, which has begun, is made available to everyone online. By means of open access to their text, the Conservative Bible Project plans to curb the “infiltration of churches by liberals pretending to be Christian” and “debunk the pervasive and hurtful myth that Jesus would be a political liberal today.”

For those who seek to embody radical inclusiveness, an awareness and understanding of the Conservative Bible Project is an urgent matter. The Conservative Bible Project appears to be writing and distributing a “divinely inspired” manifesto for exclusiveness that fosters suspicion, fear, and hatred between people.


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