Launch Announced

The website (yes, you are visiting it right now) will officially launch in September, 2008. A lot of preparation work is underway as we write this announcement. Publisher Brandon Daniel-Hughes is working hard to make the site rich with content when it is officially launched. We suggest that you remember the date and check back in at that time. We think you will be impressed. You can tell us all about it in the Guestbook.


  • Le Blog, containing Brandon’s engaging and hilarious perspectives on liberal-evangelical Christianity
  • LE Commentary, which are short essays by leaders of the progressive Christian movement
  • News items about liberal-evangelical Christianity
  • Links taking you to organizations and resources of use to liberal-evangelical Christians and churches

Additional benefits for registered users:

  • LE Forum, where you can discuss matters related to liberal-evangelical Christianity with like-minded friends
  • In-depth surveys to help the Liberal-Evangelical Project learn more about radically moderate Christians
  • A colorful array of valuable resources, from study guides to history lessons.

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