Liberal Evangelical Churches: Yes, They Really Exist

Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church in Tipp City, OH is not experiencing a renaissance, nor is it discovering missions work or volunteering.  It is, to paraphrase its pastor, Rev. Mike Slaughter, serving God.  It is liberal, it is evangelical, and its behavior is radical.

In a recent article in the Washington Post, Bruce Nolan highlights the continuing service of this church to the people of New Orleans, as the three year anniversary of the tragic hurricane approaches. But the article goes on to highlight the church’s radical orientation toward service, an orientation that goes far beyond the typical volunteer programs that many other churches run.

This church and its work represent some of the best impulses in evangelicalism and are “firmly embedded in the liberal evangelical tradition that dedicates itself to social justice rather than battling over hot-button cultural issues,” writes Nolan. highly recommends learning more about Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church, its outlook, and radical approach to service.

Read the Washington Post article.

Visit the Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church website. See especially their page “Serve Others.”

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