LE Resources

Public Resources

LiberalEvangelical.org contains rich resources to help progressive Christians understand their faith location and its ethical and political consequences. Public resources include:

  • LE Commentary, editorial reflections from leading liberal-evangelicals in the progressive Christian movement,
  • “Le Blog”, the output of the vivid and bizarre imagination of Brandon Daniel-Hughes, PhD, a liberal-evangelical and progressive Christian, a US citizen living in Montreal (hence the blog’s name), and the site publisher of LiberalEvangelical.org,
  • news feeds to keep you up to date with religion news, and
  • links that will take you to other progressive Christian resources.

Member Resources

Much of the site’s content requires registration. Once registered, you have access to:

  • LE Forums for discussing shared concerns with like-minded LiberalEvangelical.org members,
  • LE Resources for congregations and pastors, including study guides, worship resources, Christian education material, and sermon help,
  • archives for Le Blog and LE Commentary, and
  • the opportunity to participate in research studies aiming to understand and help progressive moderate Christians with both liberal and evangelical instincts and congregations committed to Christ-centered inclusiveness.

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