Conservative Christians Call for One of their Own as VP Candidate

If neither Sen. Obama nor Sen. McCain are “true Christians,” then, according to Gary Cass and his Christian Anti-defamation Commission, at least one of the Vice-Presidential candidates should be. Evangelicals, he argues, need an opportunity to support and vote for one of their own in November’s election.

The Christian Anti-defamation Commission has launched an online petition designed to pressure the Presidential candidates into considering and picking conservative evangelical Christians to fill out the bottom half of the ticket. Joseph L Conn, who blogs on the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State website, contends that the CAD’s “petition is largely a publicity and fund-raising stunt.” Conn also suggests that the major candidates will have other criteria in mind when selecting a VP.

No word yet on how many e-signatures Cass has gathered or what if any effect his petition is having on the Presidential campaigns.

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