New Liberal Christian PAC supports Obama for President with Television Ad

The 2004 Presidential campaign saw the national rise to fame (or perhaps infamy) of political ads put together by independent political action committees (PACs). The Swiftboat Veterans for Truth famously torpedoed John Kerry’s service record and courage by airing ads mocking his war wounds and subsequent activism. While conservative PACs have been vocal, there are also voices on the left working to move elections independently of the Obama campaign. is a high profile example. However, until recently the Republicans seemed to have a monopoly on support from Christian PACs. Now, a new voice is beginning to rise up in support of progressive causes, candidates, and campaigns. The Matthew 25 Network is a new liberal Christian PAC that is putting together a national operation in support of Senators Obama and Biden. Their aim is to give voice to the considerable support that Obama and Biden have in this election from Christians in many denominations and congregations.

The public face of The Matthew 25 Network is Brian McLaren, activist, minister and author of several books including A Generous Orthodoxy, but hundreds of ministers and Christian leaders have joined the organization’s call to help realize the vision of Matthew 25 in our national and state governments. They are running a national ad campaign aimed at supporting the actual needs of families, and fighting for the common good. Interestingly, they are also active in the movement to refute false rumors and innuendo about Sen. Obama’s religious identity and activities at their affiliate site

The nomination of Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska has energized conservative religious Republicans, but not all Christians are excited by Palin. Even some Evangelicals are concerned that her nomination and public proclamation of her faith will give the impression that she speaks for the “faith vote” or “values voters.” The Matthew 25 Network is working hard to counter that impression.

Read The Seattle Post-Intelligencer article on the work of The Matthew 25 Network.

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