Liberal Evangelical is currently under construction. Check back in soon for an all new design with the same great content. aims to empower Christians who see themselves as radical moderates and to offer resources to Christian congregations who intend to be both Christ-centered and creatively inclusive. These Christians and congregations have both liberal and evangelical instincts, they find polarized political and religious debates alienating, and they are inspired by Jesus’ own example of radical inclusiveness and by his preaching of a love that transcends ideological and theological divisions.

Who are we?

We are people who answer to the liberal-evangelical description. We furnish on this site the kinds of resources that we ourselves find helpful and think are lacking elsewhere. We are egg-head intellectuals who have written on this topic and conduct research to deepen our knowledge of liberal-evangelical Christians and congregations. We are also practically minded church people who want to support moderate Christians and congregations. You can read more about us below. You are welcome to contact us with suggestions, comments, questions, news items, and article ideas at