Independence Day, Patriotism, and Christianity

I’m a patriot. (I’m also a Patriot’s fan, and please no e-mails from Jets fans. Every coaching staff does the same video-taping thing, including your guy! Get over it.) And I’m a Christian. I’m just not sure how to be both at once. I legitimately love the United States, more

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Evangelical Liberals, Tom Cruise, and Kent McManigal

I’ll be blogging here so I’ll introduce myself. My name is Brandon Daniel-Hughes and I’m a Liberal and an Evangelical. That reads a bit like a confession or an introduction at a self-help group. Maybe that’s appropriate. I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself, not because I think I’m particularly

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Study Guide available for Lost in the Middle Part I

Members of have access to resources such as book reviews, discussion boards, and study guides. The online version of the study guide for Part I of Lost in the Middle? is now available to registered members. Part I consists of two chapters: “Chapter 1 – Five Haunting Questions” and “Chapter

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The website (yes, you are visiting it right now) will officially launch in September, 2008. A lot of preparation work is underway as we write this announcement. Publisher Brandon Daniel-Hughes is working hard to make the site rich with content when it is officially launched. We suggest that you

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