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  1. Michael Novak, Catholic Scholar Who Championed Capitalism, Dies at 83

    A Roman Catholic social philosopher, Mr. Novak abandoned liberal politics to make the theological and moral case for capitalism in a series of books.
  2. Americans Rate Religious Groups, and Most Gain, Including Muslims

    Jews and Catholics were ranked the highest, but even atheists, near the bottom, were viewed more positively than three years ago, despite a divisive election.
  3. The Trump Era’s Catholic Mirror

    What really connects the president, Pope Francis and their critics.
  4. What Jesus Can Teach Today’s Muslims

    Don’t imitate the West and don’t retreat into rigid fundamentalism.
  5. The Bigotry That Armed the Quebec Mosque Attacker

    I always wanted to believe that Canada was immune to hate crime against Muslims. I’ve had to learn otherwise.
  6. Trump Flirts With Theocracy

    The struggle to defend American values begins.
  7. Refugee Ban Endangers ‘Part of American Legacy’

    Christian leaders have strongly criticized President Trump’s executive orders, and a former New York district attorney has called the policy a “disgrace.”
  8. These Booths Are Made For Talking: Soothers Hit the Streets

    Street preachers. Huggers without portfolio. If stores and restaurants can pop up, why can’t the helping professions?
  9. ‘The Last Jedi’? In Real Life, Jedi Can Be a Religion

    Several Jedi communities exist around the world. Some call themselves religious groups, though others avoid the term “religion.” Not all Jedi are “Star Wars” aficionados.
  10. The Religious Speakers Taking Part in Trump’s Inaugural Ceremony

    A total of six, said to be a record for an inauguration, will each have 60 to 90 seconds to offer a reading or lead a prayer.