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  1. Reading the Subtleties of Islamic Fashion

    There’s more to it than just the visual.
  2. Jerusalem, the Holy City of Separation

    Jerusalem, in Hebrew, shares the root word for peace, shalom. But the holy city is becoming ever-more divided among Israelis and Palestinians.
  3. A Call to Save a 12th-Century Minaret, Heard Far and Wide

    The Minaret of Jam, in a mountainous, remote region of Afghanistan, is leaning more and more, and officials fear it could fall.
  4. Three Arabs Are Arrested in Stabbings in Jerusalem

    The police said they were investigating the stabbings as a possible terrorist attack that extended violence that has roiled the city for a month.
  5. Israel Narrows Its Democracy

    In any form, the contentious bill that would officially define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, reserving “national rights” only for Jews, should be defeated.
  6. Is Harvard Unfair to Asian-Americans?

    In a true meritocracy, whites would be a minority of the student body. That worries some people.
  7. The Danger of Foreign Jihadists

    The Islamic State continues to exercise an almost surreal appeal to fighters with non-Muslim backgrounds.
  8. Iran Grants Bail to Woman From Britain Held 5 Months

    Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, who has dual citizenship, is appealing a one-year sentence for a conviction that has been linked to activism.
  9. Israeli Cabinet Approves Nationality Bill

    The draft legislation emphasizes Israel’s Jewish character above its democratic nature, proposing to define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, a move opposed by Arab citizens.
  10. Judaism Must Embrace the Convert

    Our people believe in inclusiveness as well as chosenness.