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  1. Yemen Crisis Looms as Kerry Meets With Iranian Counterpart on Nuclear Deal

    Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, predicted that the Saudi campaign in Yemen would backfire.
  2. Tears Replace Cheers in Re-enactment of Farkhunda’s Killing in Afghanistan

    The fatal attack by a group of men on a woman named Farkhunda, who was falsely accused of burning a Quran, has galvanized women’s activists in the country.
  3. Pope Francis Steps Up Campaign on Climate Change, to Conservatives’ Alarm

    An effort by the pope to further the issue of climate change and environmental stewardship is already angering some thinkers on the American right.
  4. Congregants Challenge Sale of Bulwark of Judaism on Lower East Side

    Worshipers at the Home of the Sages charged in court that a $13 million deal was motivated by self-enrichment, with proceeds largely flowing to the synagogue’s president.
  5. Cardinal Timothy Dolan Confers a Rare Papal Knighthood on Rabbi Arthur Schneier

    Rabbi Arthur Schneier was honored for a lifetime of promoting religious freedom and international peace.
  6. Iran Won't Give Up on Its Revolution

    Iran has had expansionist and imperial ambitions for centuries. A nuclear deal won't change that.
  7. Republican Contenders Reach Out to Sheldon Adelson, Palms Up

    Jeb Bush faces a hurdle after a speech on Israel by his father’s secretary of state, James A. Baker III, incensed the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson.
  8. Six PEN Members Decline Gala After Award for Charlie Hebdo

    The novelists withdrew out of discomfort with the magazine’s perceived cultural intolerance, and what some saw as a particular glee in beating up on France’s vulnerable Muslim minority.
  9. The Stoop and the Universe

    Metropolitan Diary: Conversation on a stoop ranges from small (first names, day jobs), to very large (the nature of God, and where we’re all going).
  10. Scott Walker, a Pastor’s Son, Runs on Faith as Iowa Beckons

    Mr. Walker’s lifelong church involvement may be a powerful asset as he positions himself to run for president and focuses on states dominated by evangelical voters.