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  1. ‘The Word That Is a Prayer’

    Poem selected by Natasha Trethewey.
  2. Survivor of ’05 London Subway Attack Is on Antiterror Mission

    Gill Hicks, who lost her legs in a bombing and now runs a counterextremism group, says people must learn empathy with terrorists to learn how to defeat them.
  3. Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teenager in West Bank

    The Israeli military said the youth and others were throwing stones and rocks, but the Palestinian news media said he was shot trying to scale a wall near a crossing point.
  4. 2 Nuns, a Developer and Katy Perry Walk Into a Real Estate Deal

    The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles favors a deal to sell an eight-acre property to Ms. Perry — over the objections of nuns who have another plan in mind.
  5. Afghanistan Said to Overturn Death Sentences in Woman’s Lynching

    The lawyer for the woman, who was falsely accused of burning the Quran, says an appeals court, meeting in secret, reduced the sentences to prison terms.
  6. Boko Haram Militants Suspected in Attacks at Mosques in Nigeria

    Up to 150 people were gunned down in three locations, according to witnesses, in attacks by gunmen thought to be members of Boko Haram.
  7. Mennonites and Episcopalians Say No, for Now, to Israel Divestment

    The two American churches dealt a setback to a pro-Palestinian economic campaign against Israel, the Episcopal by defeating a resolution and the Mennonite by delaying a vote.
  8. Christian Conservatives vs. Culture

    Readers respond to David Brooks on the role of Christian conservatives in popular culture.
  9. An Immigrant’s Story, Discovered in Discarded Papers

    Electrical drawings and letters that document an immigrant family’s diaspora were found and are now in the Center for Jewish History’s collection in New York.
  10. A Problem of 'Religion,' and Polling, in China

    China's seemingly high number of atheists may have more to do with the politics of language than a rejection of religious belief.