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  1. Modern World Tugs at an Indonesian Tribe Clinging to Its Ancient Ways

    Only after decades of government intrusion were the Mentawai allowed to live according to their customs, but many in the younger generations have moved on.
  2. Wanted: Leaders to Turn Interfaith Conflict Into Trust

    With Trump aggravating religious tensions in America, a Muslim author focuses on training leaders to spread interfaith values.
  3. The Passion of Martin Scorsese

    In his new film, “Silence,” he returns to a subject that has animated his entire life’s work and that also sparked his career’s greatest controversy: the nature of faith.
  4. Sermons on Trump

    In the days following the election, religious leaders spoke to their congregations and communities about the future with Donald J. Trump as president of the United States.
  5. Muslim College Chaplains Extend a Hand Across Religious Divides

    Dozens of chaplains on campuses across the country play a vital dual role: helping Muslim students feel welcome, and introducing Islam to non-Muslims.
  6. Jakarta Protest, Tied to Faith, May Have Deeper Links to Secular Politics

    Analysts say politicians are exploiting religious fervor to challenge the capital’s governor and his close ally, President Joko Widodo.
  7. Donations to Religious Institutions Fall as Values Change

    Fewer people identify with a religious group, and others may withhold donations over ideological differences.
  8. What Does Modest Fashion Mean?

    The term bridges religions and borders, bringing together women in unexpected ways.
  9. On the Role of Chinese Religion in Environmental Protection

    In an interview, Prasenjit Duara, an Indian-born historian of China, discusses how traditional values can be a force motivating people to action.
  10. The Beauty of Big Books

    A law professor takes a swing at the mother of all questions.