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  1. ‘The Last Jedi’? In Real Life, Jedi Can Be a Religion

    Several Jedi communities exist around the world. Some call themselves religious groups, though others avoid the term “religion.” Not all Jedi are “Star Wars” aficionados.
  2. The Religious Speakers Taking Part in Trump’s Inaugural Ceremony

    A total of six, said to be a record for an inauguration, will each have 60 to 90 seconds to offer a reading or lead a prayer.
  3. What Thomas Merton and Muhammad Ali Had in Common

    The Catholic writer and the boxer never met, but they shared an abiding belief that all religions contain vital truths.
  4. Voyeur | Front Yards

    Statues and holiday displays figure prominently in Astoria, Queens.
  5. Voyeur: Front Yards

    Statues and holiday displays figure prominently in Astoria, Queens.
  6. The New Congress Is 91% Christian. That’s Barely Budged Since 1961.

    Even as the percentage of self-described Christians is declining across the country, the number in the United States Congress is holding steady.
  7. Huston Smith, Author of ‘The World’s Religions,’ Dies at 97

    Professor Smith, whose work has been a college fixture for decades, pursued enlightenment in churches, monasteries and even Timothy Leary’s living room.
  8. Houses of Worship Poised to Serve as Trump-Era Immigrant Sanctuaries

    Providing safe haven from deportation efforts is shaping up as a priority of the religious left across various faiths and ethnicities.
  9. Varieties of Religious Experience

    When unbelievers encounter the supernatural.
  10. Bid for ‘Star Wars’ Religion Is Shot Down

    The Temple of the Jedi Order applied for charity status to further “the religion of Jediism”; the Charity Commission ruled it’s not a religion.