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  1. The Danger of Foreign Jihadists

    The Islamic State continues to exercise an almost surreal appeal to fighters with non-Muslim backgrounds.
  2. Israeli Cabinet Approves Nationality Bill

    The draft legislation emphasizes Israel’s Jewish character above its democratic nature, proposing to define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, a move opposed by Arab citizens.
  3. Judaism Must Embrace the Convert

    Our people believe in inclusiveness as well as chosenness.
  4. A Secret Falls From the Family Tree, and a Girl’s Identity Branches Out

    In the documentary “Little White Lie,” a girl who grew up viewing herself as Jewish and white gradually begins to realize that her biological father was black.
  5. An Ethnic Chinese Christian, Breaking Barriers in Indonesia

    Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the new leader of Jakarta, the capital of the most populous Muslim-majority nation, says his faith and ethnicity are not political handicaps.
  6. Mistrust Threatens Delicate Balance at a Sacred Site in Jerusalem

    A site in the Old City of Jerusalem, known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, has been a flash point since the advent of modern Zionism.
  7. Europe Takes Stronger Measures, Albeit Symbolic, to Condemn Israeli Policies

    After years of growing frustration, European politicians are embracing symbolic steps to support a Palestinian state.
  8. Yiddish Isn’t Enough

    Naftuli Moster is calling attention to shortcomings in secular education at Hasidic Jews’ schools in New York.
  9. Two Ideas of Israel-Palestine

    The killing in a Jerusalem synagogue was vile, and predictable. As Jews know, one day the oppressed fight back.
  10. Tunisians Are Shaken as Young Women Turn to Extremism

    A recent raid on suspected Islamist radicals, which killed five young women, highlights a generation in turmoil in the place where the Arab Spring began.