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  1. In a diverse Ontario community, Muslim Friday prayers have set off an uproar over religious accommodation in public schools.
  2. Secular candidates like Jon Ossoff have a hard time winning the trust of religious voters.
  3. Building walls, banning refugees and ignoring the poor are the social expressions of bankrupt theologies.
  4. The Rev. Jennifer Butler, chief executive of Faith in Public Life, which organizes leaders of many faiths to work together on liberal causes, talked with us live on Facebook on Monday.
  5. An exploration of the largest compilation of American religious leaders ever assembled.
  6. We would like to know more about how your religious beliefs have affected your political views and actions — or vice versa.
  7. Only a handful of Jews remain in Egypt. How long until the country is purged of Christians, too?
  8. A writer walks across the globe and total strangers help him stay healthy and safe.
  9. The bedeviled president hits the road, in search of salvation.
  10. For many of the president’s supporters, the real outrage over James Comey’s firing is that there is so much outrage in the first place.