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  1. A Saint, He Ain’t
    The rush to canonize John Paul II and John XXIII is clearly a case of two popes and one halo.
  2. Cameron’s Description of Britain as ‘Christian Country’ Draws an Angry Response
    A prime minister’s profession of faith feeds into a wider debate across Western Europe about national identity.
  3. Somalia: Bomb Kills Lawmaker
    A Somali lawmaker was killed when a bomb planted by Islamist militants ripped through his car in Mogadishu on Monday, officials said.
  4. For Audiences as Varied as an Ark Full of Animals
    The children’s exhibition “Noah’s Ark,” at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, helps exemplify that center’s mission to record Jewish heritage and serve a diverse audience.
  5. A Brotherhood Inquiry in Bad Faith
    Prime Minister David Cameron’s investigation of British Islamists is a disingenuous attempt to curry favor with autocratic gulf allies.
  6. Explaining Anti-Semitism
    A writer suggests that anti-Semitism is rooted in fear, outrage and envy of how Jewish assimilation has evolved.
  7. Is God Just Not That Into Me?
    A boyfriend’s makeshift altar on the radiator cover prompts a search for answers.
  8. Jacob Birnbaum, Civil Rights Champion of Soviet Jews, Dies at 88
    Mr. Birnbaum sought to improve the lives of Soviet Jews and contributed to legislation that liberalized Moscow’s emigration policies.
  9. A Day of Chants, Bells, a Bike
    On Sundays Bora Yoon, who writes and performs music that combines ancient and modern elements, gets paid to sing at the Church of the Ascension in Greenwich Village.
  10. An Orange Jumpsuit for Lent
    A part-time youth minister in Texas dresses like a convict for 40 days to highlight the obstacles inmates face on returning to society.