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  1. My Life as a Muslim in the West’s ‘Gray Zone’

    With the attacks in Paris, ISIS has declared war on the ‘‘gray zone.’’ But the language of some American politicians is also questioning coexistence.
  2. Paris Slowly Coming to Terms With a New Vulnerability

    The city wants to get past the lost tourism and uncertainties that followed the Nov. 13 attacks. But as candles burn low and bouquets wilt, a certain shock lingers.
  3. Pope Francis, in Nairobi Slum, Denounces ‘New Forms of Colonialism’

    He said that “countries are frequently pressured to adopt policies typical of the culture of waste, like those aimed at lowering the birthrate.”
  4. When Some Turn to Church, Others Go to CrossFit

    A for-profit gym franchise has become the focus of study by researchers trying to pinpoint what constitutes religiosity in America.
  5. A Rite to Improve Karma for Man, Creature and, Now, the Environment

    Buddhists priests and local wildlife rescuers partner to ensure a more responsible release ritual, in which rehabilitated animals are freed in their natural habitats.
  6. Pope Francis, in Kenya, Delivers Message of Humility

    The pope also said the need for dialogue between religions was “essential” during a meeting on Thursday on his first official trip to Africa.
  7. El Salvador: Priest Faces Abuse Inquiry

    A high-ranking priest was suspended while the church investigated allegations that he had sexually abused a girl over an eight-year period.
  8. Gunmen Strike Shiite Mosque in Bangladesh

    Gunmen opened fire during evening prayers at the mosque, killing one person and wounding three, in the second recent attack on Bangladesh’s tiny Shiite population.
  9. Pakistani Police Investigate Fire at Christian TV Station

    Employees of Gawahi TV said the fire at their office in Karachi was set deliberately, and that computers were destroyed or stolen and religious books were burned.
  10. From Indonesia, a Muslim Challenge to the Ideology of the Islamic State

    The campaign comes at a time when Islam is at war with itself over central theological questions of how the faith is defined.