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  1. ‘Pastrami on Rye,’ by Ted Merwin

    The Jewish delicatessen: people, culture, food.
  2. Fears of New Intifada Accompany Surge in Mideast Violence

    Though notions of an organized uprising may be outdated, fatal attacks have stoked Israeli and Palestinian memories of past conflicts and casualties.
  3. Hajj Stampede Tarnishes Saudis’ Image in Pakistan

    Scores of Pakistani pilgrims were killed in the disaster, and many families still do not know what happened to their relatives.
  4. Raif Badawi, Imprisoned Saudi Blogger, Is Awarded Free-Speech Prize

    Mr. Badawi, who is serving a 10-year sentence on charges such as “violating Islamic values and propagating liberal thought,” was named the international co-recipient of Britain’s PEN Pinter Prize.
  5. Iran: Officials Object to Event With Salman Rushdie

    In 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic republic, ordered Muslims to kill Mr. Rushdie after some deemed his book blasphemous.
  6. Baptist Pastor in Bangladesh Survives Knife Attack

    The assault comes after the killings of two foreigners in the country last week, for which the Islamic State claimed responsibility.
  7. Texas: Man Is Executed for Killing Missionary for $8

    The man, Juan Martin Garcia, 35, was put to death for the 1998 killing and robbery of Hugo Solano in Houston.
  8. Rhodes and the Balanced Life

    The fury of attempts to draw neat ethno-national-religious lines is matched only by its futility.
  9. Cautiously, Iranians Reclaim Public Spaces and Liberties Long Suppressed

    A more moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, and a nuclear accord have many hopeful Iranians trying to take back the streets, not politically but socially and culturally.
  10. ISIS Destroys Triumphal Arches in Palmyra, Syria

    The latest landmark structure to fall at the hands of the militants was a triple arch built by the Romans in the second century to celebrate a victory over the Persians.