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  1. Coptic Christians: Islamic State’s ‘Favorite Prey’

    Only a handful of Jews remain in Egypt. How long until the country is purged of Christians, too?
  2. The Case for Xenophilia

    A writer walks across the globe and total strangers help him stay healthy and safe.
  3. A Prayer for Donald Trump

    The bedeviled president hits the road, in search of salvation.
  4. ‘The Daily’: Outrage Over Outrage

    For many of the president’s supporters, the real outrage over James Comey’s firing is that there is so much outrage in the first place.
  5. Muslims and Jews Break Bread, and Build Bonds

    A series of intimate Jewish-Muslim dinners took place last weekend around Manhattan and Brooklyn to build interfaith understanding.
  6. A New Battleground Over Political Correctness: Duke Divinity School

    A professor of Catholic theology stepped down after sending an email criticizing a colleague for holding a session on how to combat racism.
  7. My Beijing: The Sacred City

    This metropolis was once a total work of art, epitomizing the religious and political system that ran China for millennia. The remnants of that time are being restored anew.
  8. Election Tests Indonesian Democracy

    Things got ugly, but there are signs that two rivals want to let the country move on.
  9. Sexism in the Church

    A theologian writes that scholars and pastors are dismantling and replacing dated notions.
  10. Jakarta Governor Concedes Defeat in Religiously Tinged Election

    The incumbent, a Christian, implored his supporters to “forget all the things that happened” — a reference to the divisive nature of the campaign.