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  1. Jakarta Governor Concedes Defeat in Religiously Tinged Election

    The incumbent, a Christian, implored his supporters to “forget all the things that happened” — a reference to the divisive nature of the campaign.
  2. After the Election, a ‘Whole Foods Democrat’ Returns to Church

    Many of us newbies didn’t know what to do. We were practically asking: “Shoes or no shoes?” “Do you take Visa?” “Can you validate my parking?”
  3. Muslim Babies Likely to Outnumber Others by 2035, Report Says

    The turnaround will be driven in part by the fact that the world’s Christian population is relatively old, while the Muslim population is younger and concentrated in regions with high fertility rates.
  4. The Strange Persistence of Guilt

    American life has secularized and grand political ideologies have fallen away, but moral conflict has only intensified.
  5. What a Buddhist Monk Taught Xi Jinping

    China’s president sees religion as a way to promote his country’s position in a world still dominated by the United States.
  6. Reza Aslan Thinks TV Can End Bigotry

    The host of CNN’s “Believer” on converting from and back to Islam and why watching TV is so important.
  7. An Unorthodox Gift to Notre Dame from Muslim Philanthropists

    A family of prosperous immigrants from Pakistan is giving $15 million to set up an institute for the study of religions.
  8. Christians in the Hands of Donald Trump

    Is religious conservatism ascendant or countercultural?
  9. If We Are Not Just Animals, What Are We?

    Understanding what bonds us together in the human condition is the job of philosophy, not science.
  10. Michael Novak, Catholic Scholar Who Championed Capitalism, Dies at 83

    A Roman Catholic social philosopher, Mr. Novak abandoned liberal politics to make the theological and moral case for capitalism in a series of books.