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  1. Ohio church's 'Warm Wishes' ministry embraces love of neighbor

    Every Monday morning, the sounds of sewing machines, lively conversation and laughter can be heard at David's UCC in Kettering, Ohio. The women of the "Warm Wishes" ministry are at work with the sole purpose of keeping their neighbors warm.

  2. Commentary: Acting like the Earth is the Lord's

    What if the church were to begin to act like the earth was the Lord's?   


  3. Commentary: Lawmakers, Meet the Bible’s ‘Strangers, Widows and Orphans’

    Good religion can be such a nuisance sometimes, especially for self-righteous lawmakers who prefer to throw around sentimental, misinformed caricatures of Christian scripture, while ignoring the thrust of its actual contents.

  4. Toledo-area UCC steps up to welcome Syrian strangers

    What started as a literacy program has blossomed into a call to welcome the stranger among them. Sylvania United Church of Christ, located in the suburbs of Toledo, Ohio, has taken on a larger role in its community to assist refugees who are trying to make a new life in their community.

  5. UCC church hopes to fund innovative new ministries in South Charlotte, N.C.

    A UCC congregation on the north side of Charlotte, N.C., is looking to jump start a new ministry in the south Charlotte area, and is willing to provide the funding to get it off the ground.

  6. UCC churches to focus on climate change with Earth Day, People's Climate March

    The focus on creation care will be very evident in many UCC congregations over the next few weeks, with Earth Day, April 22 and the People's Climate March in Washington, D.C., on April 29 calling environmental advocates from across the country to put their faith in action.

  7. Love, solidarity trumps hate in Virginia community, prompts healing after hate crimes

    A Virginia congregation stands with a Jewish community center also under attack, to bring healing to their hometown.

  8. Commentary: That All May Be Represented

    If you live in the Washington, D.C. metro area or have visited, you may have noticed the politically charged message written on the bottom of the District of Columbia license plate. 

  9. UCC general minister and president to speak at Ecumenical Advocacy Days

    The Rev. John Dorhauer, general minister and president of the United Church of Christ, will help kick off the nation's largest ecumenical gathering when he speaks about white privilege during Ecumenical Advocacy Days, where he hopes to open the eyes of participants to seek racial justice.

  10. Seattle UCC Good Friday service to lift up trans, non-gender conforming lives

    A Seattle-based congregation will lift up transgender and non-gender conforming persons at a Good Friday service, seeking to share the message that church can be a welcoming space.

  11. Virginia church, target of hate crime, reaffirms ministry to build a just world for all

    A hate crime during Holy Week has only strengthened the resolve of a UCC congregation in Virginia to 'be the church' open to all, a place of welcome that proclaims love of neighbor.

  12. Dorhauer listening tour links commitment to Just World for All and Three Great Loves

    How are UCC churches living into the commitment to work for a Just World for All? That's the central question General Minister and President John Dorhauer is now gathering responses to, during a 'Listening Tour' in anticipation of General Synod in late June.

  13. UCC leaders grieve for victims of Palm Sunday attacks in Egypt

    A pair of deadly attacks in Northern Egypt, just hours apart, have shaken Egypt's Christian community as it marked the beginning of Holy Week. The United Church of Christ is strongly condemning the violent acts of terrorism on April 16.

  14. Chicago new church start attracts national attention before first worship service

    A brand new church in the Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park has not yet celebrated its first weekly worship service, but it is already attracting a lot of people and attention.

  15. As support for sanctuary movement grows in UCC, questions arise

    The United Church of Christ is seeing a growing interest among congregations in learning more about the sanctuary movement. Just ask UCC General Counsel Heather Kimmel. Since the presidential election, she’s been answering a lot of questions about it.

  16. Commentary: Accessible and Affordable Healthcare: It's a Moral Imperative

    Jesus wept. Jesus also healed.

  17. UCC among 100 religious groups supporting limits to church political activity

    Partisan politics have no place in the pulpit. And the United Church of Christ, along with nearly 100 other religious organizations, wants to keep it that way by urging Congress to preserve the "Johnson Amendment" limiting churches' political activities.

  18. UCC backs effort in Ohio to ban discrimination at work, housing or in public

    The United Church of Christ national office is joining other Ohio corporations and businesses in a coalition working to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the state where the church is headquartered.

  19. Central Atlantic Conference rolls out welcome mat with General Synod special events

    The Central Atlantic Conference of the United Church of Christ is planning to welcome the wider church to General Synod 31 like never before. The conference is offering six special events that take place before or after General Synod 2017 in Baltimore June 30 through July 4, as a way to introduce people to all that the Maryland area has to offer.

  20. Buffalo congregation offers immigrants refuge and resources to start over in Canada

    A church near the border is offering sanctuary and saving lives, heeding the call to build a just world for all.