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  1. Commentary: That "Adorable" Special Interest Group

    A move is afoot in certain sectors of our society to put a permanent muffler on a special interest group that has been variously labeled as "whiney" and "obnoxiously persistent." 

  2. Idaho church explosion severely injures moderator and his wife

    A very small congregation in Southeast Idaho praying for two of their own has the support of their entire community, after an explosion and fire in the church boiler room severely injures the moderator and his wife.

  3. Faith leaders rally on Capitol Hill to save health care

    A day before the expected vote March 23 by lawmakers on a bill to overhaul the health care system, faith leaders rallied the public in a march on Capitol Hill, delivering copies of sacred texts to the offices of House Speaker Paul Ryan — sharing the stories of how Christ, the Great Physician, healed the sick and the poor.

  4. A young refugee, OGHS ambassador, opens eyes and touches hearts as a voice for others

    A young refugee from Africa, and an ambassador for the United Church of Christ's One Great Hour of Sharing, Esther Ngemba is speaking out as often as she can about the plight of refugees.

  5. Two UCC churches named ‘Cool Congregations’ for creation care projects

    When the United Church of Christ's Strategic Implementation Task Force surveyed 4,000 church members recently to find out which issues matter most to the denomination as a whole, climate change came out on top.

  6. For three UCC leaders, a rare glimpse inside Gaza

    A rare opportunity to visit with mission partners in this isolated territory in the Middle East, where hope and faith persist.

  7. General Synod service projects to focus on people, environment, animals

    Delegates and visitors of General Synod 2017 in Baltimore have the opportunity to go out into the community to perform acts of service in the areas of people, the environment and animals, and share that life-changing experience with their local faith communities when they return home.

  8. Commentary: Glimpsing a Future without Barriers

    On a visit to Bethlehem a couple years ago I had the pleasure of hearing a performance by the Palestine Youth Orchestra.

  9. Expand your worldview with General Synod workshops

    Visualize the Gospel through sculpture, see the scriptures come to life in pictures, learn more about Cuba and find ways to coach your way through conflict -- all possible with a one-hour workshop at General Synod in Baltimore.

  10. UCC leaders champion 'resilient' refugees, celebrate blocked travel ban

    The UCC continues to stand with immigrants and refugees, work on behalf of the refugees U.S. resettlement groups have promised to protect, and assist those partners here and abroad in resettlement efforts.

  11. New Hampshire UCC seeks to support Syrian refugees through races

    Tucked away in the southeast corner of New Hampshire, Community Church of Durham has been putting its shoulders behind the effort to help Syrian refugees who've come to the United States for safety. The United Church of Christ congregation is ramping up efforts ahead of the UCC's One Great Hour of Sharing mission offering, looking to raise money that supports local athletes at home — while supporting a critical humanitarian cause abroad.

  12. UCC Board selects new chair and vice-chair, sets Synod resolutions

    To guide the board for the next two years, the board selected Frank Bolden to serve as the incoming chair, and the Rev. Alice Hunt as the incoming vice-chair.

  13. Task force identifies future priorities for UCC focus

    After exploring what a relevant and thriving United Church of Christ would look like in 10 years, a UCC Board-charged task force now has a clear picture of the issues that matter to members of the denomination. A survey of 4,000 constituents of the church reveals that they are like-minded about what the UCC's top issues are, and what they should be going forward.

  14. Missouri church to share ideas to build stronger relationships across generations

    Each week during the school year, about 80 people from St. Johns United Church of Christ gather for LOGOS, where all ages learn about, experience, and practice the art of Christian relationships, putting their faith into action and strengthening their discipleship.

  15. Welcoming immigrants 'the Christian thing to do' in Santa Fe

    A UCC congregation in Santa Fe is working for a just world for all, advocating for and assisting immigrants and refugees, and collaborating with others in community.

  16. UCC advocates join Native Americans in D.C. march against Dakota Access Pipeline

    UCC members make up the largest faith contingent joining the First Nations march from the Army Corps of Engineers offices to the White House.

  17. Rev. Traci Blackmon nominated to continue leading UCC's justice work as executive minister

    The UCC Board of Directors unanimously voted March 9 to nominate the Rev. Traci Blackmon to lead Justice and Witness Ministries, a ministry that she has guided for 14 months as its interim executive.

  18. Commentary: In Search of a Moral Health Care System

    We are a country whose citizens pledge "liberty and justice for all" and whose government is to be organized so as to "promote the common welfare".

  19. Reflecting on Japanese internment, Honolulu UCC pledges solidarity with Muslim, Hispanic communities

    To lament the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 that interned people and families of Japanese ancestry, a Hawaii congregation of the United Church of Christ is speaking out against the ongoing rhetoric directed at Muslim and Hispanic immigrants.

  20. California UCC to boost sanctuary movement in San Mateo

    Called to protect and stand with immigrants facing detention and deportation, a California congregation of the United Church of Christ has opened its doors, ready to offer sanctuary to vulnerable neighbors in the San Mateo community.